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Story: Late Bloomer

Source [Normal]  Guys… I admit… I like cute OC ponies. Author: Jay Bear Description: Apple Bloom goes, reluctantly, to a book-signing event at the Ponyville library, and soon finds herself talking to the new author. When the conversation turns to … Continue reading

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Story: Trixie’s Bargain

[Random] Author: Jay Bear Description: Stinging from her humiliation in Ponyville, the Great and Powerful Trixie uses dark magic to make a demonic pact: a chance to go back in time and vanquish the Ursa Major, at the cost of … Continue reading

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Story: There is Always a Way

[Sad]  Rainbow Dash time! Author: Jay Bear Description: During a midnight flying session, Rainbow Dash thinks about her friends and practices a new stunt. When things go wrong, she looks to the bravest pony she knows for hope. There is … Continue reading

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