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Story: Elements of Awesome (Update Complete!)

[Normal] The Mane 6's kids?! Oc madness right there! Author: Hawky Description: Set a random amount of years in the future. Twilight Sparkle disappears and it's up to her daughter and her daughter's friends can save them. Will Dawn and … Continue reading

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Story: Rejection (Update Finished!)

[Shipping] And another Rainbow Dash Ship! I wonder how many of these I have in this mailbox tonight.. Written by a new  Art by: Feline Gal Author: Hawksyu Description: Rainbow Dash finally confesses her love. (based off an image included … Continue reading

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Story: Pinkie’s Tongues

[Random] Some funny to make up for diabetes earlier.  Not every story is allowed to harm Pinkie’s image! Author: Hawksyu Description: Pinkie babbles. Twilight tries to understand. Google Documents Pinkie’s Tongues  FF.netPinkie’s Tongues Additional Tags:  Pinkie sprichst deutsch sehr schlecht

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