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Story: Twilight’s Night After Santa Hooves

[Normal] Author: GWFan Description: During Hearth’s Warming Eve, Twilight is shocked to discover that all of her friends believe in Santa Hooves, and sets out to prove that he doesn’t exist. Twilight’s Night After Santa Hooves Additional Tags: Hearth’s Warming, … Continue reading

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Story: Cheer On (Update Part 5!)

[Comedy] Author: GWFan Description: After a budget cut, Cheerilee is replaced by a younger and stricter teacher. Cheerilee searches for a new job in Ponyville while her students deal with the new teacher. However, everything is not what it seems. … Continue reading

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Story: Onigokko

[Grimdark] [Crossover] [Adventure] Author: GWFan Description: After hearing a rumor about a ghost town and a very special game of tag, Twist and several other kids disappear. The Cutie Mark Crusaders follow the rumor to rescue them, but discover that … Continue reading

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Story: Sofa, So Good (Update Part 3!)

[Comedy] I’m pretty sure comedy is my favorite tag. Author: GWFan Description: Rainbow Dash and Spike compete for a job at Quills and Sofas, in order to get a free sofa. Sofa, So Good (All Links) (New Chapter 3!) Additional … Continue reading

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