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Story: Luna’s Socks (Update Deluxe Edition!)

[Shipping] On the update:Foxxy (Author of Twilight Sky Over Canterlot) collaborated with Butterscotch to add art/additional sections to the Luna’s Socks story.  You can find the new one with the other links! Author: Butterscotch Sundae Description: When Twilight Sparkle returns … Continue reading

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Story: Adventures in Cake Making

[Adventure][Comedy] This is the first time these tags have ever come together. A groundbreaking achievement if I do say so myself! Author: Foxxy Description: Winning the title of Fillydelphia Baking Queen is never easy. Adventures in Cake Making Additional Tags: … Continue reading

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Story: Twilight Sky Over Canterlot

[Normal] We really don’t have many first-person perspective stories uploaded here. This one is done really well. It’s probably one of the best fics on the site! Author: Foxxy Description: “Hi everypony! Sorry I missed you. I’m away in Canterlot … Continue reading

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