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Story: Midnight and Shimmer’s Guide to Dating

[Comedy][Shipping] A direct sequel to this story. Whee~Author: EsperDerek Description: Hoping to impress the filly of your dreams? Well, you’ve chosen the right book! The expert advice in this guide will turn your date from something ordinary, to something extraordinary! … Continue reading

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Story: Moonlight Over Midnight

[Normal] This is a continuation of the fanon set forth by Out in the Cold and Shades of Midnight. Author: EsperDerek Description: Set after Shades of Midnight, Midnight is finishing her first year at the University of Canterlot with her … Continue reading

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Story: The Nightmare Wars

[Normal] Author: EsperDerek Description: The year is 2239. The Earth and its colonies have found themselves pushed to the brink of extinction against an unknown, seemingly invincible enemy. But when a desperate mission is undertaken to capture an enemy vessel, … Continue reading

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