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Story: Shadows of the Sun (Update Part 13!)

[Grimdark][Sad-Tragedy] And Twilight ran. She ran so far away… Author: theamberfox Description: A long drought has created food shortages across all of Equestria. In an effort to restore the country to its former glory, Princess Celestia sends Twilight Sparkle to … Continue reading

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Story: The Shadow Over Hoofsmouth (Update Chapter 2!)

[Grimdark] Glancing at the queue, I get the feeling that today is Grimdark Day. Don’t go to sleep! Author: Lurks-no-More Description: The death of Rarity’s grandmother brings with it not just fabulous inheritance, and the opportunity to reconnect with a … Continue reading

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Story: A Dream Come True (Update Part 2!)

[Normal] We haven’t had a Spitfire story in a while. Author: Epic Rarity Description: It’s Spitfire’s first time auditioning for the Wonderbolts and she is pretty confident in her abilities. However, she meets a certain colt that will become her … Continue reading

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