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Story: U-Harmony

[Comedy] [Shipping] Author: Ebon Mane Description: Twilight’s curiosity pushes her to go were no bookworm has gone before: On dates. A parody of dating websites in general, named after eHarmony. U-HarmonyAdditional Tags: Blind Dates And Questionable Matches

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Story: Merely a Mare (Update Chapter 5th Interlude!)

[Shipping] Lunapple, the nonexistent ship. Author: Ebon Mane Description: Luna has returned to Equestria, but she is as cold and distant as the moon that held her captive. Celestia broods on her throne, regretting mistakes made and prices paid. Twilight … Continue reading

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Stories: The Cough, Crumbling

[Grimdark][Shipping] Flashfiction is a little-used story style wherein an author tries to pack as much oopmh into as few words as possible. This pair of stories is quite short, but powerful. Be prepared for what you find inside. Author: Ebon … Continue reading

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Story: In the Rain (Updated Complete!)

[Shipping] Some Twilight/Rainbow Dash.  It has been at least 3 days since the last dashx___ story, so It’s about time! Written by Ebonmane Description: As usual, Rainbow Dash has little thought for the feelings of those around her. Some ponies … Continue reading

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Story: Mayor on Mare

[Shipping][Comedy] Oh god dat title Author: Ebonmane Description: Twilight testifies at The Mayor’s court case. Mayor on Mare

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Rarity and the Mule

[Shipping][Comedy] But Rarity HATES mules… Description: The Mule complains about how Rarity treats it Rarity and the Mule DA Version 

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Story: The Three Notes

[Shipping][Sad] Sorry about the shipping flood tonight, apparently CMC episodes spark this or something.  Here is some Light Twilight/Big Mac shipping. Author: Ebonmane Description: Friendships don’t always last, time isn’t always well-spent, and not everyone gets a happy ending. The Three … Continue reading

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