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Story: The Moony Maiden

[Comedy][Random] Author: Dubs Rewatcher Description: It’s been more than a year since Princess Luna’s return to Equestria, and she is making great strides in her language skills. And along with this come a slew of new writing skills. However, Celestia … Continue reading

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Story: Sugarcoated

[Normal] Friendshipping! Author: Dubs Rewatcher Description: A pony is defined by their cutie mark, the thing that tells them what they are best at. But what happens when one feels they have failed at the thing that makes them special? … Continue reading

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Story: A Dashed Reputation

[Normal] Author: Dubs Rewatcher Description: Despite what many may think, Rainbow Dash isn’t fearless. There is one thing that keeps her at bay, that she will fight to protect: her reputation. So, what happens when that reputation comes in contact … Continue reading

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