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Story: A Hipster Trixie Tale

AND THEN IT WAS DONE [Random][Shipping] Author: Doctor Dapples Description: The Great and Powerful Trixie finds herself hopelessly frustrated by the uncultured swine of Ponyville. A Hipster Trixie Tale Additional Tags: Short, Pretentious, Ironic, Culture, Frappucino

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Story: A Familiar Shape, A Different Taste

[Shipping m/m] Author: Doctor Dapples Description: After weeks of anticipation, Soarin’ finally gets a night to himself. Naturally, he decides to go out for pie. But when he gets to Sweet Apple Acres, things turn out a little different. A … Continue reading

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Story: I Still Don’t Wanna Gallop Home

[Sad] “Another “Daaaawwww” fiction… truly sweet… “-Pre Reader #21 Author: Doctor Dapples Description: Time has passed. Rainbow Dash is training with the Wonderbolts, but she returns to Ponyville for Applejack’s wedding. But while everyone else is celebrating, Rainbow finds her … Continue reading

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