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Story: Pony, I Shrunk The Colts

[Random][Sci-Fi][Comedy][Adventure] Author: Demetrius Description: Diminished in size by The Great and Powerful Trixie’s latest feat of magic, Snips and Snails begin a micro-scale quest to regain their full size. However, through his gift of communicating with snails, Snails is taught … Continue reading

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Story: The Education of Zecora (Update Part 2!)

[Sci-Fi] Science fiction zebras garner high but boring praise from our pre-readers. Yes, you read that right. Author: Demetrius Description: There’s more to the story of Zecora’s coming of age, the city-state of her origin, and how she learned to … Continue reading

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Story: The Sacrifice and the Return of Spring

[Grimdark] Author: Demetrius Description: Guided by the curator of the Royal Library in Canterlot, and forbidden knowledge he had stolen from the alicorns, a group of of non-unicorn ponies restore spring to a cold and famine-stricken Equestria. This is the … Continue reading

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