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Story: Nocturne (Update complete!)

[Sad][Normal] Sad Luna? Sad Luna. Have you guys looked at her section in the archive yet? It’s a freakin rainbow with all those (6 Star) tags. I really hope Season Two doesn’t completely destroy her fanon. Author: CupcakesNom Description: Princess … Continue reading

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Story: Pinkie Pie’s Incredible Interplanetary Super Prank

[Normal] April Foals Winner Number 3! Author: Cupcakesnom Description: Pinkie’s search for the perfect April Foals prank turns out to be more than it appears. Pinkie Pie’s Incredible Interplanetary Super Prank Additional Tags: Needed

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Story: My Little Parcel

[Normal] Cute Dash image for a cute normal story!  Author is: Cupcakes Nom Description: Upon returning from a long trip Rainbow Dash is shocked to find that a very private package has been misplaced. Will she find it before somepony … Continue reading

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