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Story: Kindred Spirits (Update Part 6!)

[Shipping] Author: Cottonmouth Description: Two lost souls meet in confrontation. Kindred Spirits Part 1Kindred Spirits Part 2Kindred Spirits Part 3Kindred Spirits Part 4Kindred Spirits Part 5Kindred Spirits Part 6 (New!)Additional Tags: Discovery Battle danger loneliness happiness

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Story: It’s Not Where You Go… (Updated Chapter 8!)

[Normal] I still have… 0 snails pictures. So here is a quick Screencap. Author: Cottonmouth Description: When Snails has a disturbing revelation, he decides to take life into his own hooves.  It’s Not Where You Go…(Chapters 1-7)It’s Not Where You … Continue reading

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Story: Not Far From the Tree

[Normal] Fillyjack time!  I guess it was inevitable with this image popping up. Author: Cottonmouth Description: The growing pains of Big Mac and Applejack Not Far From the Tree

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Story: Twilight Rides a Bike

[Normal] Even though that’s technically Applejack on the bike… well whatever! Description: Twilight learns how to ride a bike…Need a real description but cottonmouth never sends those! Twilight Rides a Bike

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Story: A Long Time Coming

[Shipping] A RarityxSpike story?! We don’t get many of those! Some shipping too. Description: need A Long Time ComingA Long Time Coming Epilogue (New!)

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