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Story: On a Whisper of Wind

[Shipping] [Adventure] [Normal] Author: Conner Cogwork Description: What would you do, if you met a pony who was at once your brother, and yet not? Applebuck wishes to reunite with his ‘Cousin JayJay’, and braves the dimensional divide to reach … Continue reading

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Story: On A Cross And Arrow (Update Complete!)

[Shipping][Adventure][Normal] Conner here is currently 2/2 on 6 star stories.  The pressure is on! no pressure, 500 votes later…holy crap. Author:  Conner Cogwork Description: Twilight and her five friends are transported during a botched spell, across dimensions to… Ponyville, Equestria? But … Continue reading

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Story: Crimps and Prance

[Normal] Cheerilee time! Same author as that AJ story earlier… so hopefully the doc doesn’t fill up too quickly.  I’ll paste it below if so, but it’s really long.  Author: Conner Cogwork. Description: Cheerilee is becoming frazzled after a long … Continue reading

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Story: Ah Ain’t Got no Ack-Cent!

[Normal] Manehatten style Applejack!? Why did this take so long to happen? Author: Conner Cogwork Description: When Rarity is overwhelmed with making designs for an agriculture exhibition, she turns to Applejack for advice. But when she gives Applejack a hair … Continue reading

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