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Story: Sunset (Update Story 2 Chapter 12!)

[Grimdark][Sad] Author: Ciroton Description: Some things in this world happen by chance. Others do not. Twilight Sparkle is about to learn a disturbing truth that will turn her world upside down. Sunset Chapter 1: DawnSunset Chapter 2: TwilightSunset Chapter 3: … Continue reading

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Story: The Reluctant Reunion of the Redoubtable Rabble-Rouser (Update Complete!)

[Normal] Trixie! Author: Ciroton Description: Trixie assures you, no matter WHAT that infernal Twilight Sparkle says, she is NOT the Great and Powerful Trixie’s sister, and that mare with her is NOT Trixie’s mother! … And most certainly of all, … Continue reading

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Story: Words are Louder (Update Story 2, Parts 2+3!)

[Normal] I wonder what they will do with Derpy in season 2…  One side of me hopes she will actually become to random speaking mail mare we have all come to know and love, but the other wants her to … Continue reading

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Story: Blood is Thicker

[Normal] This was actually written before the new episode! Luckily it remains pretty accurate! Author: Ciroton Description: Twilight Sparkle receives a letter out of the blue from her mother. She has left her the ages-old task of keeping their family … Continue reading

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