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Story: Rose Tinted (Updated Part 3!)

[Shipping] Woah, someone already busted out a story based on this image.  That’s nuts! Description: At the Grand Galloping Gala, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie start making their own fun .. Rose TintedRose Tinted Part 2Rose Tinted Part 3 (New!) 

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Story: Ordinal Stars

[Normal] Lots of Spike stuff lately! Luckily lots of spike images have popped up too! Description:  Spike seeks consolation in the stars, only to also find it in another gala-goer. Ordinal Stars

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Story: We Card Hard

[Normal] Luna and night clubs?  That fits way better than it should. Author: Chistery Description:  Clubs in Equestria sometimes have the most interesting guests … We Card Hard Live Reading

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Story: Thread by Thread

[Normal] Trixie will always be the best pony.  You know it to be true! 1 episode and she has more fics than Fluttershy.  Beat THAT! Description:  A certain blue unicorn makes her way in Canterlot to stitch together a new … Continue reading

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Story: Drink Special

[Shipping] Some Rarity/Applejack stuff! Hooray shipping has been revived tonight apparently. Description: After a very long and trying day, Rarity tries to find comfort at the bottom of a martini glass.  What she finds, well … Drink Special

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