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Story: The Sound of Sunlight (Update Complete!)

[Normal] “That was freaking awesome and I need more of it.” –Pre Reader that likes Octavia a little bit too much.  Author: Chicken Vortex Description: When it comes to music some ponies have natural talent, while others have to struggle … Continue reading

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Story: Getting Lucky (Update Complete!)

[Shipping][Comedy] "I was smiling IRL all throughout."  Pre-reader #5 Author: Chicken Vortex Description: “The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea” -Isak Dinse Getting LuckyGetting Lucky Part 2Getting Lucky Part 3Getting Lucky Part 4Getting Lucky … Continue reading

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Story: Slender Mane (Updated Complete!)

[Grimdark-Horror] Scary story time! Are you Rainbow Dash enough to read it?!  Author: Chicken Vortex Description: A malevolent force has come to Equestria. Can Twilight stop it? Can anyone? Slender ManeSlender Mane Part 2Slender Mane Part 3 Slender Mane Part 4Slender … Continue reading

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Story: Apples

[Normal] A 300 word story event thing gone…massive.  Apparently he really liked the idea! Author: Chicken vortex Description: A story about friendship, magic, and doing what’s best. Apples Part 1Apples Part 2Apples Part 3Apples Part 4Apples Part 5 Additional Tags: … Continue reading

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