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Story: Bitches Gotta Stick Together

[Shipping] Some GildaxTrixie Action this time around.  Description: So a wizard and a griffon walk into a sauna… Bitches Gotta Stick Together

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Story: Twilight’s Special Spell

[Shipping] Now neither of us will be virgins! Summary: Twilight summons a human version of herself from an alternate dimention, and we get the first twilightXtwilight ship.  This is the deviant art version, which is supposed to stay clean (though … Continue reading

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Story: For Love of Another Pony

[Shipping] This is a spinoff of the For Love of a Pony story, just a quick ending from a completely different author.  I am not sure how to categorize this so I’ll just give it it’s own section. For Love … Continue reading

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Story: A Private Affair

[Shipping] Some Fluttershy/Pinkie shipping this time. An older one. Summary: Pinkie Pie is setting up a party, but Fluttershy is not quite sure she wants to go. A Private Affair

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