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Story: Fireball!

[Normal] [Adventure] [Sci-Fi] [Comedy]Author: Bookish Delight Description: Several years after Nightmare Moon’s defeat, a meteor is seen hurtling across the sky. Its presence heralds a reckoning for Rainbow Dash… as well as the greatest spectacle Equestria will ever witness! Fireball! … Continue reading

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Story Series: Pony Permutation Project (Updated Part 8!)

[Normal] Some new modifications to this one! Plus another chapter!Author: Bookish Delight Series Description: A series of short side-stories concentrating on the core Friendship is Magic cast, taken two ponies at a time! Whatever the situation, anypony can learn lessons … Continue reading

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Story: Climax Pegasus!

[Crossover] Rainbow Dash meets Viewtiful Joe time!  This crossover tag sure can pull off some random pairings! Author: Bookish Delight Description: Movieland’s greatest villains have joined forces and set their sights on Equestria! It’s up to the Magic of Friendship … Continue reading

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Story: Reforming Equines Can be Tricky

[Normal] Another Series in progress by Bookish Delight! Description: Twilight Sparkle has spent weeks learning all she can about friendship, and is ready to pass on what she’s learned so far to a unicorn she sees so much of herself … Continue reading

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