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Story: It’s Always Sunny in Fillydelphia (Update Story 2!)

[Shipping][Comedy] Author: Bobcat Description: When Applejack goes with Rainbow Dash on a trip to Fillydelphia, she learns that life doesn’t always go according to plan… and that can lead to something better. It’s Always Sunny in Fillydelphia Additional Tags: Eat … Continue reading

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Story: Beyond Forever

[Sad][Light Shipping] Does anypony remember reading Forever? Did it make you sad? Then please accept this hug and cookie, and sit down and read this. You’ll like it, I promise.Author: Bobcat Description: The long awaited (?) sequel to Forever! On … Continue reading

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Story: Fair Feather Friend (Updated Part 5)

[Normal] Rainbow Dash needs a pet in show already! Author: Bobcat Description: Rainbow Dash is acting suspiciously.  Why is she sneaking around Applejack’s farm? Fair Feather FriendFair Feather Friend Part 2Fair Feather Friend Part 3Fair Feather Friend Part 4 Fair Feather … Continue reading

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Story: Forever

[Sad] I think this is the first story on here with Photo Finish in a lead roll, how does that work? Author: Bobcat Description: Pinkie Pie has lunch with Photo Finish.  Why?  Read to find out.  ForeverBeyond Forever (Second Part, … Continue reading

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Story:…And Apple Accessories

[Normal] Some career day shenanigans. Written by Bobcat over on the Order of the Stick Forums. Author: Bobcat Description:  It’s career day at Ponyville Elementary. All of the little ponies are so excited… so why doesn’t Apple Bloom want Applejack … Continue reading

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