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Story: The Legend of Star Swirl The Bearded

[Comedy] [Adventure] Hey, do you want to buy a horn warmer?Author: Blueshift Description: History teaches us that Star Swirl The Bearded was one of the greatest unicorn mages ever to have lived. But history never recorded the real story. What … Continue reading

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Story: The Star In Yellow (Update Complete!)

[Dark][Normal] Author: Blueshift Description: Deep in the Royal Library is a book. A terrible book that is said to send whoever reads it mad. A book so dangerous that it has to be hidden away and secured with chains to … Continue reading

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Story: Trixie’s Favourite Pony And Other Stories

This is a compilation of completely ridiculous short stories from Blueshift.  You can find them all after the break! Author: Blueshift  Introduction: Behold a gauntlet of the most terrifying fiction you will ever read! What is Celestia's unthemely secret? Who … Continue reading

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Story: School Reunion (Update Part 3!)

[Normal][Sad] Author: Blueshift Description:Twenty-five years later, Apple Bloom is an adult pony. She’s married with two lovely foals, and is the respected mayor of Ponyville. However she never got past the heartbreak she felt when her two best friends moved … Continue reading

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Story: The Mane Cast-Offs

[Comedy] [Random] Author: Blueshift Description: Is a pony more than just the sum of their parts? How would Twilight Sparkle cope without her magic? What would Rarity do if her horn fell off? What if Rainbow Dash’s wings fell off? … Continue reading

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Story: Luna’s Excellent Adventure

[Crossover][Comedy] Luna Comedy! The best comedy really.. Author: Blueshift Description: Princess Luna is fed up with not having any friends. So one day, she uses her magical pony powers to travel across the pony multiverse. Surely one there is some … Continue reading

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