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Story: Breaking Bricks (Update Part 5!)

[Noir-mal][Dramedy][Wth are these tags?] “This is one of the only, if not THE only, ponies-in-a-realistically-” dark”-world stories I’ve had almost nothing but pleasure reading and want to read more of….It certainly sets a high standard for character-driven first person pony … Continue reading

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Story: In Tooth and Mane (Update: Episode 2 Part 1!)

[Normal][Adventure] So many epic adventure fics lately! I can’t keep up! Author: Aquaman52 Description:  Infallible virtue is a blessing bestowed upon far too few these days.  For six of Ponyville’s most upstanding residents, it was never a problem.  Now, it … Continue reading

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Story: Hell Hath No Fury

[Random][Comedy-Black]  Inb4 my entire front page is FlutterageAuthor: Aquaman52 Description: The quiet ones are always the ones closest to the edge. Hell Hath No FuryAdditional Tags: Flutterage knows no boundaries.  None.

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