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Story: Butterflies and Apple Pies

[Shipping] Applejack and Fluttershy?! That’s popping up a lot lately… the pic is done by Geradex Condari on DA. Description: Applejack has always derived her strength from her family, and Fluttershy has long derived hers from Applejack. Everypony involved learns … Continue reading

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Story: I Need a Freaking Drink

[Random] More Friendoff Stuff! Description: An incident in Ponyville ends up getting Twilight and her friends arrested, but one pony is in far more trouble than the others. I Need a Freaking Drink

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Story: A Simple Affair

[Shipping] More Valentines Day stuff! Description: Every Valentines day, Princess Celestia takes Twilight and Spike to a secret dining room where they can have one night a year as an actual family, and illuminate the many forms love can take … Continue reading

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