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Story: The Box (Update Part 2!)

[Grimdark] Another one of those crazy long stories everyone likes so much! Changed to grimdark.  Confound these authors and their “this totally isn’t grimdark”!Author: Achesst Description: Twilight is given a mysterious wooden box on a trip to Fillydelphia. What lies … Continue reading

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Story: The Mane Event (Updated Part 4!)

[Shipping] Some Gala stuff for yah! . Author: Achesst Description: The main cast must decide who to bring with them to the Grand Galloping Gala The Mane Event The Mane Event Part 2 The Mane Event Part 3The Mane Event Part 4 … Continue reading

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Story: Twisted Talk

[Normal]  We don’t get many Zecora stories ’round these parts.  Some Zecora/Applejack comedy! Author: Achesst Description: On a dare, Zecora and Applejack try to switch the way they talk for a day. Twisted Talk

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Story: Singing the Blues

  [Shipping] An Excuse to use this image?! I’ll take it!   Author: Achesst Summary: Blues tells his friend about how he developed a crush on Pinkie Pie Singing the BluesSinging the Blues Part 2

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Story: Rainbow Secret

[Shipping] Rainbow Secrets are always the best secrets. Author: Achesst Description: need Rainbow Secret

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Story: Rainbow Crash

[Shipping] Author: Achesst Description: needed Rainbow Crash

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Story: A Trixie Party

[Normal] I don’t know if this one has a real title, that’s just what I gave it after reading it.  If anyone knows who the actual artist is or a title let me know in the comments. Description: Need  Enjoy … Continue reading

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