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Story: Causality

[Shipping] Twipie? That’s… a rare one. Author: Abalidoth Description: Twilight Sparkle devises a new experiment to test Pinkie’s Pinkie Sense. But when the experiment takes an unexpected turn, Twilight must try to understand her feelings for Pinkie and unravel the … Continue reading

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Story: Glimmerhorn Vale

[Shipping][Normal] Twixie! Kind of Author: Abalidoth Description: Twilight teaches Trixie a lesson about the history ofunicorn magic. Glimmerhorn Vale Additional Tags: Short, Magic, Ghosts, First-Person, Lesson

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Story: Celestia’s Teeth

[Comedy][Normal] Post this or I’ll put my hands over my ears and scream about Trixie being a fictional character in a show for little girls until you do-Pre Reader #12 How…Violent.  I think the pre-readers think I have an actual … Continue reading

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