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Story: The Perfect Cupcake

[Normal] Author: A.J. Description: With some help from Pinkie Pie, Twilight learns to make the perfect cupcakes for her beloved assistant, Spike. Deviant Art The Perfect Cupcake Google DocumentsThe Perfect Cupcake Additional Tags: Describe it how you wish

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Story Set: Twilight Sparkle’s Secret // Silence // Battle for Sugarcube Corner

Three stories in one from A.J.! All listed below. [Normal] Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Author: A.J Description: Twilight Sparkle wanders around Ponyville taking notes on her friends, but what for? Additional Tags: Cute, Request, A bit long, Heartwarming, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow … Continue reading

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Story: Dicey Chance

[Normal] More OC pony!  This one was actually pretty common on /co/ a while back… which is surprising considering how much OC is hated over there! Author: A.J. Description: The Story of  Dicey Chance, owner of The Golden Horseshoe resort … Continue reading

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Story: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Courage Test

[Normal] Confound these CMC! They grow on me.. Author: AJ Description: The Cutie Mark Crusaders go on a camping trip with Zecora to test their courage, dragging Spike alone with them. Will they survive a monstrous encounter in the Everfree … Continue reading

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Stories: A Start / My Hero /The Bet

Three short stories in this post.  The first one is a normal Twilight/Trixie Story, and the second is some Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash Shipping, and third is some Snips/Snails/Fluttershy normal stuff.  Author: A.J [Normal] A Start Description: Determined to become more powerful … Continue reading

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Story: Pinkie Pie’s Cutie Mark

[Normal] Onslaught of Pinkie Pie Stories this morning!  This one by Aj Description:  Pinkie pie as a filly, getting her cutie mark Pinkie Pie’s Cutie Mark

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Story: A Gift

[Shipping] A Rainbow Dash/Twilight fic by A.J.! Now with a new and improved title and part 2! A Gift Part 1A Gift Part 2

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Story: Fly Me to the Moon

[Normal] I think it was Bayonetta that really made me like this song.  That game was awesome. But so is this. Written by A.J. For the Friendoff thing. Read more »

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Story: Applejack/Big mac (Untitled)

[Shipping] Written by A.J. Applejack and Big mac Stuff! Description: Need Description Read more »

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