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20 Million Comic and Fan Art!

Comics and stuff time!  Up above, we have an image from SpeccySY! Awesome as always.  And an anime crossover comic below from Jake Heritagu,  Thanks guys! Off to try to make a banner! 

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16 Million Comic!

These millions are going by at a blur lately! Have another comic from SpeccySY!  Derpy is the best teacher.

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14 Million Speccysy Comic!

Not only does he convert me to fluttershyism, but he also creates awesome comics! 14 million hooooo SpeccySY on Deviant Art

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13 Mil comic and Ooh Sir Spike

Poor Fluttershy…  I wonder what it’s like to spend every waking moment on the edge of absolute terror. Looks like Speccysy has taken up the reigns for million threshold comics!  And some spike stuff from RusselH below! Poor kid just … Continue reading

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