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Comic: Randy Scouse Gummy / The Bestest Big Sister

Source: RusselH Ever wonder what the pony pets are actually thinking during the episodes? Also some Sweetiebelle!  Source: Mixermike622

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13 Mil comic and Ooh Sir Spike

Poor Fluttershy…  I wonder what it’s like to spend every waking moment on the edge of absolute terror. Looks like Speccysy has taken up the reigns for million threshold comics!  And some spike stuff from RusselH below! Poor kid just … Continue reading

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Comic: Pony Puppet Pals

I know some of you watched Harry Potter puppet pals back in the day! You can’t hide it! And normally I don’t do the screencap comics, but poor Lyra… (Click images for full comics) Source Russelh / Yikomega

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Comic: Rainbow Dash’s Feelings

This is actually the sequel to a relatively old comic found here. It’s way too tall for blogger though! The full link is here! Artist: RusselH

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