Lauren Faust Speaks about New Super Best Friends Forever

It’s not really pony specifically, so I was going to put it in the roundup tonight, but in all honesty we haven’t actually seen much of Lauren Faust talking about her shows.  Friendship is Magic is barely mentioned, but her new project does sound really neat!

Maybe EQD will become Super Equestria Daily in the future?  Who knows! 

Check out the video here, and the article here!

Update: She also has a small blurb on her Deviant Art page.  Have a quote:

DC Nation begins tomorrow morning at 10 am on Cartoon Network!  I really encourage everyone to check out ALL the DC Nation shorts.  This program from Warner Bros. and DC offered a really great opportunity for artists, giving creators unprecedented freedom to do their own take on these classic characters.  It’s a refreshing creative agenda and one that really deserves support.

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