Derpy’s Bestest Day Ever (Mini Art Event)

So as Derpy Day winds down, I thought it would be fun to send it off by setting a little art event into motion. Nothing very complicated; our little mascot is not one for intricate plots or delicate machinations. What she is, instead, is a happy little pony who has had precious little reason to smile lately. So give her some! Over the next 48 hours, lets all get together and draw some happy, happy Derpys. Which I hope some enterprising young game designer is listening to, because that also sounds like the single best version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos ever conceived. Anyway!

Here's how this works. You have until 7 pm Pacific time (GMT -8) on Saturday, March 3, to draw a smiling, happy Derpy. Why is she happy? That's up to you! But once you've got her smiling, upload the picture and send the direct image link to our super awesome image submitter: here.

This is not a contest or a skill event, so don't let fears about your lack of practice scare you off. Derpy loves you just for trying. So come on everypony, smile, smile, smile! I'll see you at the gallery!

For those that need a bit more assistance with the submitter, check out the tutorial after the page break.

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