An Update to Audio Issues with Friendship Express

Some of you may have run into an issue with the audio de-syncing on the first and second episode of the Friendship Express DVD.  It looks like Shout Factory is offering to replace your disc if yours is suffering from this/

A quote from their Youtube page:

We have also received a few reports from people that ordered their DVD’s from Barnes and Noble, saying that their orders have been delayed. Whether this is to replace Derpy, or fix the audio, remains to be seen.

Thanks to Jessica for the Image!

Now one thing to note before you rush to that email address and submit your disc for a replacement: Derpy isn’t guaranteed to be intact.  You will probably receive a second wave version, which is completely up in the air in terms of which version of her will be on it. They did mention that the audio fix is the only change, but I’d err on the side of caution. Considering Friendship Express with the old Derpy is pretty much a collectors item at this point, you might want to consider sacrificing the first two episodes for the sake of holding on to her, or at least wait a bit.

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