Felt Art Competition Submission Post and Winners

The felt pony competition has come to a close! After the break you will find 74 entries.  I have to admit, I didn't expect such a huge turnout on this one due to the difficulty level, but once again, you have all surprised me.

You want some winners though don't you! Deciding between all of these was probably one of the most difficult choice we have had so far in these little events.  The quality and creativity was just straight up impressive.  With the strict deadline, we couldn't open it up to the masses, so hopefully most of you will agree with the choices we made!

First place can be found above as the header image, and wins a Friendship Express DVD, the Friendship Express Train, and a 11×17 Friendship Express Poster

Runner Ups (Win One Friendship Express DVD Each):

By Slip Stitch, California

Slip Stitch, California

By HairyFox – Austria

HairyFox - Austria

By Foxxy


By slifertheskydragon – California

slifertheskydragon - California

Grats to all the winners!  As was stated in the competition rules, please send a picture of you holding up your contest entry to Sethisto@gmail.com (You can hide your face).  I am going to give a three day cushion on it, then default to some of honorable mentions below. (Feel free to let me know if you need an extension though in the same email box!)

Thanks again for entering! We have a few more events coming up, so keep an eye out!

And Atlur's take on me accidently posting our internal poll over here:

Also number 4 poofed, oops :3

All others can be found after the break!
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