Bronyville Extra: A Weekend with Jayson Thiessen

As you may have noticed from the video a few days ago, Bronyvilly recently met up with Jayson Thiessen at Animation on Display.  Including the awesomeness of hangin out with the  top dog of Ponydom, they grabbed an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview.

They gave me some copy paste too:

Happy Sunday everypony! In a late weekend addition to your podcast
lineup, Apple Cider and Chef Sandy awesome time at Animation on
Display and as part of that weekend we were able to secure not one but
two interviews with MLP:FiM Supervising Directory Jayson Thiessen. The
first segment is part of a private podcast recording done in the Green
Room at AOD and the second is part of a MLP Creative Q&A. We hope you
enjoy. You can find the audio on the link provided or simply subscribe
on any podcast service a la iTunes

Check out their podcast on itunes here, or at their main website!

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