Brony Study #2 – FOR SCIENCE

Dr. Edwards and Dr. Redden have returned for another round of questions in an attempt to scientifically explain the reason why we all fell for overly cute ponies.  Usually I put surveys into the nightly roundup, but these guys are definitely legit!

If you want to help them with their second round of questioning, check out the website for it here, and click the “Take the survey” link at the top.   It’s a long one, filled with all sorts of difficult questions, but nothing overly intrusive.  The “dark side” (or clop)  evaluation mentioned in the article wasn’t included, though honestly it might be kind of interesting to see what the results of something like that would be.  I guess we will have to wait for the third. 

Right now, Brony Study #1 is currently being re-evaluated due to a large influx of participants, so I’ll toss that up once they finish.  

Anyway, go help them analyze us… for science.

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