Derpy Videos: We will Miss You Derpy… / Derpy Voice Comparison / Derpy Fan Voice Smile Smile Smile

Old image from Timothy Fay!

We have three Derpy videos in this little compilation here.

The first is a full comparison of the two voice versions, from pre-takedown "The Last Roundup" and the new version.

The second is a PMV, sadstyle.

And finally, BaldDumboRat sings Smile Smile Smile in that Derpy voice she is known for!

And of course, we still have #Savederpy doing it's thing.  If you want to join the group, head on over to this site.  Remember to take this in stride though! We still don't have a complete picture on what actually happened.  A million rumors are rolling around right now, pointing at pretty much everything.  Attacking Hasbro, or anyone else, won't solve anything. 

Now go check some videos out!

1.) Derpy Voice Comparison (From The Last Roundup)
2.) [PMV] We Will Miss You Derpy…
3.) Derpy Fan Voice Sings Smile Smile Smile

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