Welovefine: Equestria Daily Shirts and More!

I'm sure a bunch of you have probably seen the recent addition of Equestria Daily shirts over at the Welovefine store.   You guys wanted them, so here they are! Right now we have three designs up, one from the Pixelkitties banner, one created by Cereal for all you college/university buffs, and finally an older banner from Mixermike622.

I definitely didn't expect Hasbro to approve Equestria Daily merch! This is pretty exciting!

You can find all of these, and any updates, by clicking the "Store" link that has taken the place of that ridiculously out-dated FAQ in the navigation bar at the top.  

They also have a few new shirts up dedicated to the most recent episode, as well as that ridiculously happy Cheerilee face.  Check those out after the break!
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