Derpy Day Means Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship – Coming March 1

Last year marked the beginning of the very first Brony holiday: Derpy Day. It was a fun time for reflection, friendship, and realizing just how far I actually had to drive to find a bakery that would sell me a fresh muffin (the answer was ~30 miles, if you were curious). But one plucky Australian missed the date, and resolved to make up for it with something he called Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship. It was about delivering positive messages and cupcakes to strangers in exchange for impromptu renditions of the Evil Enchantress song, which I think turned out rather well.

The funny thing about holidays is that they come once a year, and wouldn't you know it, it's almost March again. And March means marching orders, everypony. If you want to get involved in a fun and silly little project to make the lives of total strangers just a little bit brighter, then check below after this delicious page break. Page breaks: still sponsored by Brony Cola, the only cola I can ever think of.

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