Seeds of Kindness Gearing Up: Help Out Today!

Bronies for Good has been hard at work in the garden, tending to the seeds planted by one of the greatest communities on the internet. Soon, those seeds will sprout, and grow into even more amazing things than we’ve seen before. I urge you to visit their website and find out what’s going on.

Project: Seeds of Kindness is Bronies for Good’s latest charity drive, which is seeking to fund a clinic in Uganda and a green village in Burundi. What this means is that the money we’ll be donating will help put together a self sustaining source of medical care for people who desperately need it, and a place where children can grow up and learn to provide for themselves without having to resort to crime. I would call these very very worthy goals, how about you?

With the actual charity still a few weeks away,  BfG is looking for help to develop an incentive package that will help this drive match Smile! in success and scope (and remember, Smile! earned 26,000 dollars to help kids with cancer). If you’re a musician, hit up My Little Remix and join in on the fun of creating a new album. If you’re an artist, get those pens to paper (or tablet!) and make some wonderful images to show people what a great job they’re doing. If you’ve got a spare game or an idea or anything at all to help out, I implore you to visit the link above and get into contact with these people. It’s going to be worth your time, I promise.

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