Fighti- er, Rarity Is Magic: The Update

You know what I haven't gotten to do in a while? A full-on post with nothing but Rarity in it. And now I have a legitimate excuse to do so.


The Fighting is Magic team has released several pieces of Rarity-related news that you should all be interested in. Firstly, her stage music has been released, and it's just about as awesome as you'd expect the best pony's music to be. You can find that embedded after the break.

As a small addendum to that bit of best pony news, Rarity's voice actress for the game has also been chosen. She goes by the name of Hnilmik, and I must say, she does an excellent job capturing the character of the best pony. You can also find her audition after the break, and the announcement post from Mane 6 here.

Lastly, the team will be hosting a livestream on Tuesday, February 21, at 8pm EST. The developers and a few people from their internal QA testing program will be playing a few matches, showing the game's progress, and talking about the behind-the-scenes development process. You can find more information on that stream, including an FAQ, here.

And some more Rarity, just for good measure:

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