Everfree Radio Presents Michelle Creber/Mandopony Collab Event in Fourty Minutes!

Just read the title, pony folks! It tells you everything you need to know. We reported on this the other day, but in case you were asleep at your computer, get the lowdown – Michelle Creber, the wonderful young lady who voices Applebloom and sings for Best CMC Sweetie Belle is working with brony musician Mandopony to put out a music collab. In less than one hour you’ll get to hear some tracks and chat with the both of  ’em in Everfree Radio’s irc. One hour? We can pull that off in a second! But don’t take my or Scootaloo’s word for it, have the official press release, and put some faces to the names we’re trotting out below:

Tonight at 9pm EST / Friday the 17th 02:00 UTC, EverFree Radio is proud to present the premiere of MandoPony and Michelle Creber’s musical collaboration on our PonyStream! Michelle herself and Mando will be in the EFR IRC chat (chat.everfreeradio.com) to showcase some of Michelle’s favorite Brony music, followed by the release of their two tracks.

EFR is not revealing what songs will be released, but visit Michelle Creber’s Facebook page  for clues. She will be announcing the winners of her song-guessing contest tonight!

Some of this music will later be up for sale, with part of the proceeds going to the PLAN International Because I Am A Girl campaign  to address the issue of gender inequality in developing countries and to promote women’s rights.

For more details and to tune in, check www.everfreeradio.com! See you there!

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