We ❤ Ponies Mare-A-Thon Dominates the Ratings

Apparently this little Mare-a-thon  here did really well, especially Hearts and Hooves day, which broke the record for performance in the My Little Pony series.  I guess the leak on iTunes really didn’t hurt it at all!

Check out these numbers:

“Saturday’s “My Little Pony” Fan Favorites Mare-A-Thon (6-11 a.m. ET) significantly outperformed year-ago time period performances with impressive gains among Kids 6-11 (+165%), Kids 2-11 (+160%), Women 18-49 (+233%), Adults 18-49 (+168%), Persons 2+ (+174%) and Households (+178%).” -Zap2It

I’m not skilled in the art of TV ratings, but when it comes to percentages, I’m pretty sure breaking the 200’s is a damn good thing.  I wouldn’t mind 200% more pony.

I guess we have a ton of new female bronies (or pegasisters, though that still hasn’t grown on me).  Welcome to the herd!

For a bit more in depth information on other shows, hit this page up! 

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