An Announcement From Our Friends At Everfree Radio

On Thursday, Everfree Radio will be hosting a special event about MandoPony’s collaboration with Applebloom/Sweetie Belle(‘s singing) voice Michelle Creber. As I’m trying out my best Sethisto impression (How’m I doing, by the way?), have some copy/paste below!

MandoPony  is back with another message regarding his collaboration with Michelle Creber, the voice of Applebloom and the singing voice of Sweetie Belle!

On Thursday the 16th at 9pm EST / Friday the 17th 02:00 UTC, we have the release event for the musical awesomeness of MandoPony and Michelle Creber. Tune in to our PonyStream (see for information) to listen!

We’re not revealing what songs will be released, but you can visit Michelle Creber’s Facebook page for clues.

Some of this music will later be up for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to the PLAN International Because I Am A Girl campaign to address the issue of gender inequality in developing countries and to promote women’s rights.

For more information about the charity, see:

Stay tuned to for information about where you can purchase the tracks and support a great cause!

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