Balloon Party Album Event

Your playlists have been flooded with their music for the past half a year or more.  Your brain has had [Insert Pony Song here] stuck in it's internal CD player for the past week.  You sometimes dig up an old favorite album, only to realize how bland it is compared to this spectacular indie music! It's time to give back, but don't expect it to not pay off in the end!

Introducing Balloon Party, the most epic music project since the Smile Charity Album that raised over twenty thousand dollars for the Children's Cancer Association.    I think their explanation of the actual album pulls off the required level of awesomeness to explain it:

Aussie and I have started a project that will be giving you a chance to break your restraints. Don't worry about how pony your song is (although being clever is encouraged), don't worry about whether your song is complex or simple. Don't worry about what people will think of your track, because these questions don't matter when your song is as intense and hardcore and awesome quality as you can possibly muster. We're here to bring the blood and mud to the speakers. From death electro to heavy metal, these tracks will go as hard as an unstoppable force on an immovable object. The drops will be intense. The licks will be supreme. The riffs will pound sensationally. You get a bunch of masters of music on stage and you have to stick out. It's time to throw the Balloon Party.

Yeah, needless to say, this is going to be more HARDCORE than taking on the greasiest eating contest in the south while having a quadruple bypass done on your heart. 

So what exactly is it? 

Almost every musician (Check out this list.  No seriously, that's a lot of people) in the fandom is tossing a brand new badass track into a giant album compilation, and giving it out completely free!  This isn't some "throw it together in an afternoon" deal though! The actual deadline is way out in June, so expect some ridiculously awesome stuff to pop up. .

Why are they doing this? 

To invade a certain pony themed convention taking place at the end of June of course.   Bronycon is about to go ALL OUT MUSIC.   These guys need money though, and your donations will help them reach their goal of letting everyone attend.

They seriously already completed stuff? 

Yep, check out their teaser playlist here!

Makkon actually already completed a track for the album! Check that out after the break!

Where can I go to give them ALL MY MONEY? 

Go to this page for the link!

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