New Merchandise Recap Post

It has been a pretty crazy day in the ponynet.  Now before I start recapping everything that happened,  I have to say how amazed I am at all of it.  I think most of us were under the assumption after the various Hasbro statements that toys for us just wouldn't be in demand at a retail level.  Here we are though, with what is essentially a "brony set" on the horizon.

I don't think I can praise Hasbro enough, but we also have to factor in Toys R' Us.  The reason these are exclusive to their stores, is probably because this is a completely off the wall market to create stuff for.  I don't think many retailers are willing to take the risk and release what is essentially a set "for male fans" of an originally female dominated franchise.  Our hostile blindbag takeover may have something to do with it, but I have to thank them for taking the plunge.  Lets show both Hasbro and TRU that we are more than relevant when these officially release later in the year!

I'll stop blabbering though, on with the recap! After the break.
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