Fimfiction February Write Off

Our bro Knighty over at Fimfiction has a huge write-off planned for this month, with some pretty epic prizes.  He gave us some copy paste too! How nice of him.  Check that out below:


Stories must be between 3k and 10k words to be eligible for entry. 
Story must use the provided prompt

  1. First place – $100
  2. Second place – $75
  3. Third place – $50

  1. February 9th – Competition announced
  2. February 13th – Prompt announced and competition starts
  3. February 20th – Final date for submissions, voting begins
  4. February 27th – End of public voting period
  5. March 1st – Panel determined winners announced

Voting Procedure 
In order to give every author a level playing field, all stories will be listed anonymously, and the stories you get to view and rate will be picked at random. Additionally, you won’t be able to link to stories in order to promote them to other people. This should mean that there’s no benefit to being an existing well known author, and let everyone have a fair shot at winning, regardless of their current status. The button to view and rate a story will appear on this page once the voting period begins on the 20th of February
Hit up the hub page for it here!  
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