Zynga and Hasbro Become Bros

Image Source: Joystiq

This actually popped up in my box a day or two ago, but it took Joystiq to make me realize the possible implications of it.  We may see some… interesting pony games on the horizon.  For those that aren’t too familiar with gaming companies, Zynga is the creator of Farmville, Mafia Wars, and a whole mess of others that cause even the most dedicated soccer moms to forget to pick up their kids from school.  Seriously, these games are built from the ground up to hook you.

Combine that with pony…  The human race is doomed.

This doesn’t actually guarantee anything FiM related though.  Zynga is also pretty well known for their scrabble knockoff, “Words with Friends”.   Hasbro owns an armada of board games that are just begging to invade mobile devices and facebook pages everywhere.  My guess would be a focus on those, but maybe we will see the pegasus version of Battleships instead?

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