Mare-a-Thons tonight!

It’s that time again! Have some Mare-a-thons.

Bronystate (Banner above)

The time is, once again, upon us fellow bronies!  Bronystate is having another movie night this Friday and Saturday.  Be sure to tune in and watch some fabulous movies with other bronies.
Do you love ponies?  Of course you do, who doesn’t?  We love ponies so much, in fact, that Bronystate will be streaming the Hub’s “We Love Ponies” marathon, in addition to the new episode.  Check out our flyer above for more info.  Hope to see you there!


Here we are again, ready for another Mare-athon! this week, we will be streaming the We (heart) Ponies mareathon directly from the hub. due to this offset, we will not be streaming our normal Mare-athon. we /will/ play some of the new episodes that weren’t included in the we heart ponies episode vote, and we /will/ play friendship is witchcraft, but events won’t happen in any particular order. we will take some video requests, but all in all, the first 12 hours of our event we will kind of take it as it comes.

Midnight Run

Wow! What a week it’s been Equestria Daily fans. Do we have fun in store for you all. This Friday at 9pm is a viewer requested PMV (pony music video) and episode Marathon. Then at 6 am eastern well show the “we love ponies” marathon live with your favorite super bowl ads that you voted for. Then as a special treat for all the people who did not see the new episode, we will show it live at 10am eastern Saturday morning without ANY commercials. That’s not all, after the episode we I’ll have our episode roundup. Special guest…. pixelkitties. Our roundup is fully interactive as well just Skype call midnight.run11. Come join all the pony fun, no one “wubs” you guys like we do.

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