Celestia is Finally White + AWESOME New Ponies! (Trixie!)

Our prayers have finally been answered! Hasbro has officially unveiled a white Celestia! As some of you may have gathered from the giant Pinkie Pie invading New York, the 2012 Toy Fair is currently in it’s setup stages.  But because we have been begging for a correctly colored sun princess for such a long time, Hasbro actually sent this to us directly – as an exclusive – way before the unveiling.  That’s right guys, they DO love us bronies.

A few more new toys are up at the My Little Pony Facebook Page, including a  DJ pony, Zebra, and Nightmare Princess that I’m sure you will all appreciate more than anything! CHARGE!

Holy Twilight Sparkle, I didn’t even see the GREAT and POWERFUL TRIXIE. That’s it, my goals in this fandom are over.  I’m buying 30 and moving to Alaska to live off penguins and brush manes for the rest of my life.

These are all going to be Toys R’ Us exclusives, so I hope you guys live near one! Maybe we can bombard their website and run them out of stock for a few months like the blindbag set? 

I am going to buy 300 Glow in the Dark Zecoras, seriously. 
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