Scootaloo Officially Invades German McDonalds

The Scootaloo Burger won first place in a German McDonalds sandwich naming competition poll.  Amazingly enough, it seems to have dodged all copyright issues and gone for gold.   The top 20 burgers have been absorbed into a final competition for the right to become an officially sold burger. 

The actual Scootaloo portion of the video happens at :50 in the video after the break, for a translation, hit the text below!

"I was in a Skype conversation with German Bronies. Then I noticed a post on Facebook, my neighbor made a burger at "Mein Burger by McDonalds", he told me to “Click on Like!”. After that I asked the other ones on Skype “Hey, wanna create one, too?” Then everyone said: “YEAH! DO IT!”.
Just Scootaloo, because it’s a character from the show. And here it is!"

Hopefully it makes it through! I don't know if Scootaloo would be too happy with it, but at least she is famous for something… right? 

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