Instrumental Music : Nightmare Night Konzertstück / Light-Red Radius / Loudmouth / Apples Against the Machine / Flutter/ Cry

Instrumental time! First off we start with something that, and I quote from the pre-listeners, "Gave me goosebumps". Get some headphones!

Second is a really happy Pinkie Pie Electronica song, followed by some progressive house Fluttershy, hardcore "something" song from Mogul (Seriously, I don't think it fits in any genre), and finishing off with some Dubstep Fluttershy.

1.) Nightmare Night Konzertstück – I. Luna's Repentance II. Star Swirl the Bearded Weirdo Clown
2.) Wintergreen – Light-Red Radius (Squared)
3.) Mindset – Loudmouth
4.) Mogul Dash – Apples Against the Machine
5.) Flutter/ Cry (ft. Gritt Dunan & Taps)

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