Story: Spitfire’s Day Off

[Normal] [Slice of Life]

Author: Artimae

Description: Being the captain of Equestria’s most renowned aerobatics team is a stressful, and sometimes thankless, job. Her joints ache; her muscles are taut; her mind reels from the sheer responsibility. But, like any professional, Spitfire takes it all in stride with a grin. That is, until a certain rainbow-maned mare started mouthing off. Being accused of ‘Camera Hogging’ was the final straw. Spitfire finally lost her temper, dumping every ounce of that responsibility on an unwitting rookie and leaving for a single day of respite. This story details her day of (mostly) relaxation.

Spitfire’s Day Off

Additional Tags: Spitfire goes to the Spa

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